Mechanical properties of bilayer WS2 and graphene-WS2 hybrid composites by molecular dynamics simulations

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Probing post-growth hydrogen intercalation and H2 nanobubbles formation in graphene on Ge(110)

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Spontaneous transmetalation at the ZnPc/Al(100) interface

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Tracking interfacial changes of graphene/Ge(1 1 0) during in-vacuum annealing

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Formation of a two-dimensional oxide via oxidation of a layered material

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Synthesis of hydrophilic carbon nanotube sponge via post-growth thermal treatment

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Scanning tunneling microscopy study of CaF2 on Si(111): Observation of metastable reconstructions

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Unraveling the electronic properties of graphene with substitutional oxygen

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Tuning the doping of epitaxial graphene on a conventional semiconductor via substrate surface reconstruction

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Field emission from two-dimensional GeAs

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Spontaneous adsorption of ions on graphene at the electrolyte–graphene interface

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Interlayer Bound Wannier Excitons in Germanium Sulfide

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Impact of Impurities on the Electrical Conduction of Anisotropic Two-Dimensional Materials

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Observation of 2D Conduction in Ultrathin Germanium Arsenide Field-Effect Transistors

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A Scalable Method for Thickness and Lateral Engineering of 2D Materials

Group-IV 2D Materials beyond Graphene on Nonmetal Substrates: Challenges, Recent Progress, and Future Perspectives

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Low-Temperature Synthesis of a Graphene-Based, Corrosion-Inhibiting Coating on an Industrial Grade Alloy

S. Halkjær, J. Iversen, L. Kyhl, J. Chevallier, F. Andreatta, F. Yu, A. Stoot, L. Camilli, P. Bøggild, L. Hornekær, A. M. Cassidy. Corrosion Science 152, 1-9 (2019)

Challenges for Continuous Graphene as a Corrosion Barrier

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Advances on Sensors Based on Carbon Nanotubes

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Nondestructive Thickness Mapping of Wafer-Scale Hexagonal Boron Nitride down to a Monolayer

A. Crovetto, P. R.. Whelan, R. Wang, M. Galbiati, S. Hofmann, and L. Camilli*. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10, 25804 (2018)

CVD Graphene/Ni Interface Evolution in Sulfuric Electrolyte in the light of the H2SO4/HOPG System

R. Yivlialin, G. Bussetti, L. Duò, F. Yu, M. Galbiati, L. Camilli. Langmuir 34, 3413-3419 (2018)

Complete Long-Term Corrosion Protection with Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene

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Self-Assembly of Ordered Graphene Nanodot Arrays

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Raman Spectral Indicators of Catalyst Decoupling for Transfer of CVD grown 2D Materials

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Real-Time Oxide Evolution of Copper Protected by Graphene and Boron Nitride Barriers

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Ultrafast Dynamics in Unaligned MWCNTs Decorated with Metal Nanoparticles

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Failure of Multi-Layer Graphene Coatings in Acidic Media

F. Yu, A. C. Stoot, P. Bøggild, L. Camilli*. RSC Advances 6, 21497 (2016)

Multilayer Graphene for Long-Term Corrosion Protection of Stainless Steel Bipolar Plates for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell

A. C. Stoot, L. Camilli, S.-A. Spiegelhaue, F. Yu, P. Bøggild. Journal of Power Sources 293, 846 (2015)

Growth of Two-Dimensional Materials on Non-Catalytic Substrates: h-BN/Au(111)

L. Camilli, E. Sutter, P. Sutter. 2D Materials 1, 025003 (2014)

A Three-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Network for Water Treatment

L. Camilli*, C. Pisani, E. Gautron, M. Scarselli, P. Castrucci, F. D’Orazio, V. Grossi, M. Passacantando, M. De Crescenzi.

 Nanotechnology 25, 065701 (2014). This paper has been highlighted in the News section of IOP (Archive 2014, January).

Silicon Spectral Response Extension through Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Hybrid Solar Cells

S Del Gobbo, P. Castrucci, S. Fedele, L. Riele, A. Convertino, M. Morbidoni, F. De Nicola, M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, M. De Crescenzi. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1, 6752 (2013)

Probing the Structure of Fe Nanoparticles in Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Grown on a Stainless Steel Substrate

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Pressure-Dependent Electrical Conductivity of Freestanding Three-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Network

L. Camilli*, C. Pisani, M. Passacantando, V. Grossi, M. Scarselli, P. Castrucci, M. De Crescenzi. Applied Physics Letters 102, 183117 (2013)

Photoresponse from Noble Metal Nanoparticles-Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube Composites

M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, L. Matthews, O. Pulci, P. Castrucci, E. Gatto, M. Venanzi, M. De Crescenzi. Applied Physics Letters, 101, 241113 (2012)

Structural, Electronic and Photovoltaic Characterization of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Grown Directly on Stainless Steel

L. Camilli*, M. Scarselli, S. Del Gobbo, P. Castrucci, E. Gautron, M. De Crescenzi. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 3, 360–367 (2012)

Strain Analysis of Noble Metal Islands Grown on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, L. Persichetti, P. Castrucci, S. Lefrant, E. Gautron, M. De Crescenzi. Carbon 50, 3616-3621 (2012)

In-Situ Formation of Noble Metal Nanoparticles on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and its Implication in Metal-Nanotube Interaction

M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, P. Castrucci, F. Nanni, S. Del Gobbo, E. Gautron, S. Lefrant, M. De Crescenzi. Carbon 50, 875-884 (2012)

High Coercivity of Iron-Filled Carbon Nanotubes Synthesized on Austenitic Stainless Steel

L. Camilli*, M. Scarselli, S. Del Gobbo, P. Castrucci, F.R. Lamastra, F. Nanni, E. Gautron, S. Lefrant, F. D’Orazio, F. Lucari, M. De Crescenzi. Carbon 50, 718-721 (2012)

Carbon Nanotube Semitransparent Electrodes for Amorphous Silicon based Photovoltaic Devices

S. Del Gobbo, P. Castrucci, M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, M. De Crescenzi, L. Mariucci, A. Valletta, A. Minotti, and G. Fortunato. Applied Physics Letters 98, 183113 (2011)

Tuning Photoresponse Through Size Control of Cu Nanoparticles Deposited on Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes

M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, P. Castrucci, S. Del Gobbo, S. Casciardi, F. Tombolini, E. Gatto, M. Venanzi, and M. De Crescenzi. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11, 9321-5 (2011)

Photovoltaic Response of Carbon Nanotube-Silicon Heterojunctions: Effect of Nanotube Film Thickness and Number of Walls

P. Castrucci, S. Del Gobbo, L. Camilli, M. Scarselli, S. Casciardi, F. Tombolini, A. Convertino, G. Fortunato, and M. De Crescenzi Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 11, 9202-7 (2011)

The Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition using a Stainless Steel Catalyst

L. Camilli*, M. Scarselli, S. Del Gobbo, P. Castrucci, F. Nanni, E. Gautron, S. Lefrant, M. De Crescenzi. Carbon 49, 3307-15 (2011)

Light Harvesting with Multi Wall Carbon Nanotube/Silicon Heterojunctions

P. Castrucci, C. Scilletta, S. Del Gobbo, M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, M. Simeoni, B. Delley, A. Continenza and M. De Crescenzi. Nanotechnology 22, 115701(8pp) (2011)

Influence of Cu Nanoparticle Size on the Photo-Electrochemical Response from Cu-Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composites

M. Scarselli, P. Castrucci, L. Camilli, S. Del Gobbo, S. Casciardi, F. Tombolini, E. Gatto, M. Venanzi, M. De Crescenzi. Nanotechnology 22, 035701(9pp) (2011)

Morphology and Structure of Electrospun CoFe2O4/Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Composite Nanofibers

F.R. Lamastra, F. Nanni, L. Camilli, R. Matassa, M. Carbone, G. Gusmano. Chemical Engineering Journal 162, 430-435 (2010)

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